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Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the priest at liturgies. Be a part of Mass right on the Altar. All are invited. Experience not required. To join, contact Deacon Richard at 860-620-7164.

Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds team oversees the maintenance of the Parish buildings and grounds to assure high standards of operation and appearance. Contact Henry Materek at 860-582-7606.

CCD Parents' Group

The CCD Parents' Group supports our CCD program, hosts our annual Night with St. Nick, prepares our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Holy Saturday, and more. Contact Aneta Krzysztofek at 860-916-8400.

Dozynki Committee

The Dozynki Committee plans the annual Polish Festival which is held during the weekend following Labor Day. Donations for the festival tag sale are accepted prior to the festival or by appointment. For tag sale information or assistance with pickup, contact Donna Bruzas at 860-990-7778. Contact Jennifer LaCart, Dozynki Chairperson, at 860-589-6230 for all other inquiries or to volunteer.


Greeters at Mass are the first point of contact for parishioners and guests entering our church. They welcome everyone with a smile. Volunteering as a greeter is a great opportunity to meet more parishioners. Contact Joan Keyowski at 860-378-4100.

Health and Wellness Committee

The Health and Wellness Committee organizes events such as CPR training. The committee also maintains the on-site defibrillator. Contact Nancy Kloczko at 413-531-8393.

Ladies Guild

The Ladies Guild holds monthly meetings for the spiritual, educational, and social enrichment of its members. The ladies raise funds for the purchase of vestments and other religious articles for the church Sanctuary, and visit shut-in parishioners. Contact Jennifer LaCart at 860-589-6320.


Lectors read the Word of God at Mass and lead the Prayers of the Faithful. To join the ranks of these vital parishioners, please contact Jennifer LaCart at 860-589-6320.

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary strives to increase spiritual devotion and support the good works of the Parish. Activities include visiting nursing homes and the homebound, organizing the Parish library, bringing the traveling Lady of Fatima statue to the homes of parishioners, and organizing group Rosaries. The Legion meets every Tuesday at 8:45 am. For more information contact Mary Stepkoski, President, at 860-605-6713.

Music Ministry

The Parish choirs endeavor to magnify the spiritual word and the educational and social enrichment of their members as they provide inspired works of religious music throughout the liturgical year. Contact Christina Micari at 860-798-1714; for Polish language inquiries, Karolina Zagaja at 860-329-1261.

Parish Action Committee (PAC)

Out of the Synod hosted by the Hartford Archdiocese in 2020 came the Synod Committee at Saint Stanislaus tasked to continue this initiative. The key goals for the Parish include continual self-evaluation, propagation of the faith, and evangelization. Later renamed “PAC,” the members focus on the generation of fresh perspectives and activities that impact all aspects of Parish life, from digital communications to community support programs to youth enrichment to the welcoming of new parishioners. Contact Debbie Sousa at 860-874-9939 or Dr. Mike Ptaszynski at 860-314-6020

Parish Council

The Parish Council advises and supports the Pastor on matters related to the overall mission of the Parish, from day-to-day operations, forward planning, and Parish-wide spiritual growth and enhancement. Executive staff and selected members meet bi-monthly to discuss a series of topics. Contact Magda Jaros, Parish Secretary, at 860-583-4242 for additional information or meeting times.

Parish Supper Club

The Supper Club gladly welcomes all new members interested in expanding their social life within the Parish. Dues are $60 per year, which includes three weekly cash drawings per week.

The year culminates with an annual offsite dinner offering fine food, fellowship, and thousands in cash prizes. Contact Barbara Sellberg at 860-582-9395.

Parish Vocation Ministry

Each parish of the Arhdiocese of Hartford is encouraged to initiate a Parish Vocation Ministry. This ministry will focus on activities to increase participation in vocations within our parish. Contact Kim Doucette at 617-448-8637 or Lisa Freimuth at 860-803-3265.

Polish Rosary Society

The primary purpose and goal of the Polish Living Rosary Prayer Groups is to praise and honor the Blessed Mother and to promote a greater devotion to the Rosary. In our parish we have two prayer groups - each group consisting of 20 persons who are responsible for praying one decade of the Rosary (1x Our Father, 10 x Hail Mary, 1x Glory Be) each day so, in this way, the full Rosary is being prayed every day.

On the first Sunday of every month, we gather in Church, after the Polish Mass, for prayer and to exchange the mysteries. We offer our prayers for the intentions of the Holy Father, for our personal daily needs and for those of the parish and the world. 

We actively participate in the liturgical life of our parish in terms of devotions and processions in connection with feasts and holidays commemorated. 

Contact Maria Grabowy at 860-583-4801 or Alina Poniatowski at 203-560-9654.

Respect for Life Committee

Respect for life members are staunchly committed to supporting and upholding the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. Their global perspective is drawn from a vast range of social, political, and cultural issues. Contact Krystyna Hoppe at 860-585-1606.

Spiritual Life/Worship Committee

A ministry devoted to promoting spiritual life and building community within the Parish through programs such as retreats, Parish missions, pilgrimages, and special educational series focusing on current topics within the Catholic Church. Contact Deacon Richard at 860-620-7164.


The Polish Society (Towarzystwo) has for years focused on supporting and preserving the Polish Culture within and outside of the Parish with tradition-inspired celebrations of church and national holidays. Towarzystwo joyously brings together the Polish and American life experiences within our Parish. Contact Irene Grabowy, 860-589-0592.

Visitation of the Sick and Homebound

Visitation of the Sick and Homebound is an ongoing ministry. Visitations to hospitals, convalescent homes, and private residences are made regularly by our priests, eucharistic ministers, and members of the Legion of Mary. Contact Mary Stepkoski at 860-605-6713.

Youth Ministry

The mission of the Youth Ministry is to provide an opportunity for our Parish youth to be active participants in the Catholic Faith Community. The goal of our Saint Stanislaus Youth Ministry is for youth to socially interact with peers of our church, to serve the needs of people in the community, especially the underserved, and to deepen each youth’s relationship with God through prayer and worship. Contact Debbie Sousa, Adult Advisor, at 860-874-9939. Click here for more Youth Ministry information.